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A classic song with actions to share with your kids. Remember it from your pre-school days?

Ages: Any age.

Indoor or Outdoor: Either.

Equipment/Resources: You only need your body to do actions no other resources are required.

Cost: Free!


1) All you need to do is teach children the simple words and the self explanatory actions that go with them.

2) Here is the first verse and the actions are in brackets:
Open, shut them, open shut them, give a little clap. (open your hands flexing your fingers, then shut your hands by curling all your fingers down into fists then clap hands together here)

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3) Open, shut them, open shut them, lay them in your lap. (Place both hands together sitting in your lap)

4) Creep them, creep them, creep them, creep them, right up to your chin.(Slowly creep your fingers from both hands up from your lap to your chin).

Open wide your little mouth but do not let them in.(Open your mouth as wide as you can placing your fingers until the are almost in your mouth. Then quickly snap your mouth shut and in a fast motion put both your hands behind your back).

5) Keep practising the words and the actions then see how fast you and the kids can do the whole thing.

Aim: To share a fun game and song time with your child that they will forever remember. To prepare them for pre-school, sports classes and playgroups or any other day care setting.

Time: This song and action is quite short to run through. The first few times when they are learning the rhyme and the actions will take more time but once they know it, they will most likely never forget.

Players: One or more.

Why?: This popular song and actions are still widely used and loved today. When children start in a new environment and they hear this song that they already know it will be familiar and comforting.

Additions: Try to sing it and do the actions as fast as possible. Then try to do the song and actions very slowly. You could ask the children to whisper the words, then shout the words.

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