Developing a Healthy Morning Ritual For Your Kids

Developing a Healthy Morning Ritual For Your Kids

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Most of us are probably familiar with the feeling of occasionally being slightly off balance during the day. Maybe you have no idea why, but you might feel a little unmotivated or even on edge. You might wonder what has negatively impacted you in such a short amount of time to make you feel this way at the start of your day. Ask yourself if you have a healthy daily ritual that you stick to each morning. If not, it might be time to create one for yourself. What are some things you can do each morning to ensure your kids begin the day on the right foot and remain motivated all day long?

Make Sure Everyones Getting Enough Sleep

Although an obvious piece of advice, the lack of sleep not only impacts your child’s morning start, but it can also elude to low performance and even act as a major factor of their behavior.

For mums and dads that have a difficult time getting their little one to bed at a decent hour, consider this guide to assist your bedtime routine: "How to get your child to sleep"

Take 10-15 Minutes to Meditate

In order for your kids to be their best, they need parents that are ready and motivated to set an example. Giving yourself just a few minutes in the morning to simply sit in silence and focus on your breathing can work wonders when you know you have a stressful day ahead. Many times we can find it difficult to sit still and in silence, so start with a few minutes at first and work your way up to any length of time you’d like. Meditation helps strengthen mental focus and increase creativity.

Few people look forward to the morning commute, but when you can incorporate it into a healthy morning ritual it becomes much more enjoyable. Revel in the time you’re able to spend alone in the car. According to Henry Carus & Associates [], there are many different causes for motor vehicle accidents, and because of that, the laws behind them are even more complicated. Stay safe while driving and use this time to focus on your breath and become grounded.

Be Prepared In Advance

By having the next day prepared in advance you can quickly reduce the amount of time it takes for simple things such as breakfast, packed lunch, clothes, and school requirements,

By taking time the night before to complete a checklist of your requirements, you are setting your child up for success. This will instill responsibility into your child to assist in preparing their meals. They will also understand the importance of being able to dress themselves which can lead to better decision making.

Let in the Natural Light

When the sun is up in the morning, throw the blinds open and let some that natural light in to help wake your child! Not only does natural morning light help regulate your body’s Circadian rhythm, synchronizing the brain and body, but it’s also a huge mood booster. See here for more: []. Letting in some sunshine is a great way to energize your morning.

Wake Up At Least 5 Minutes Earlier

While many of us debate with ourselves for that extra 5 minutes to lay in bed, pushing yourself to get up with your kids can allot for any unexpected delays in your morning routine.

This is a chance to stay ahead despite traffic delays, last minute preparation, and anything that you might have missed during your morning checklist. Take this opportunity to set an example of the importance of tardiness and how it can impact the remainder of your day.

Keeping these tips in mind are sure to result in mornings that are successful, productive, and helpful to the start of your child’s day.

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