HidenSeek a Fun Game

HidenSeek a Fun Game

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When a group of kids gather and look for an outdoor game to play, Hide-n-seek game is a good option for them. As the rule of the game is to locate the other players who have concealed in the environment, the fun of playing this game is greater when the number of kids is more. The origin of this game dates back to a long time and the game has been passed on from one generation to the other. The game is still extremely popular amongst the kids, as it is full of fun and surprises.

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Ages: Any age group

Indoor or Outdoor: Both

Equipment/Resources: Not required

Cost: Free

How to play the game

The kids have the flexibility to set the rules of the game and alter it every time they play it.

1) Set up the rule- There are a variety of rules that may be set for the game such as the location for hiding, time frame before starting to locate, time frame for locating etc. The game is generally played outdoors, but may be played indoors as well.

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2) Decide the pattern of game- Any of the 3 basic patterns of game may be followed-
a) Wherein an individual hides and the group of people search for him.
b) Wherein a group of people hide and an individual locates each one of them.
c) A team of players locate the players of the other team.

3) Depending on the pattern of the game chosen, the team/ individual with the role to locate, keep their eyes closed or face the other side, till the others hide. There has to be adequate time for the people to hide themselves.

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4) Then the fun starts, when the search begins and the player taking turn to locate, tries to find others ‘one’ by ‘one’ till the last one is found.

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5) Generally, as a rule, the person who is found the last is declared as the winner.

Though simple in nature, the game goes a long way in the development of kids. The game makes the kids think, teach them the feeling of bonding and also is a good exercise.

If due care is taken to ensure that the area of play is secure, I feel this game would be a good alternative for the kids to enjoy and stay away from their electronic gadgets.


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