Fun for the Brain 5 Brain Development Activities for Kids

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Kids' brains are constantly developing. This process can be helped by engaging in certain activities. Different centers of the brain are stimulated by different types of challenges. Many of these activities are also fun and entertaining. The following are some of the best brain development activities for kids.

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1. Get Them Into the Habit of Reading

Reading is a fundamental skill that’s essential for absorbing all kinds of information. As kids learn to read, you can encourage them to practice this habit as much as possible. Reading aloud to them, even from books that are beyond their own reading level, helps them to learn new words and concepts. Encouraging them to read everything they encounter, including product labels in stores, signs, billboards, bus and train schedules and menus are all brain training for kids that will help them develop their reading skills.

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2. Wooden Toys and Puzzles

Wooden puzzles provide a traditional and artistic way for kids to train their brains. You can find beautiful, hand carved toys and puzzles that are challenging and enjoyable. An example of this is the snake cube puzzle, which consists of a chain of small cubes that must be arranged to form a larger cube. Kids can work their brains and have fun while learning how to solve the snake cube puzzle . This type of activity provides a nice alternative to electronic devices and gives children a chance to develop their brains while manipulating objects in the physical world.

3. Educational Nature Walks

Nature provides many opportunities for stimulating the brain. Many children today spend a great deal of time indoors, making it especially important to give them some healthy outdoor activities. This is good for their brains as well as their bodies. Taking kids on a nature hike in the woods, to your local park or even in your own backyard can be fun for the brain as well as the body.

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Make it a challenge to notice and identify as many different types of items as possible. This may include rocks, pebbles, plants, trees, insects, birds or anything else that’s in the area. Bring a container to bring home especially interesting items. A magnifying glass helps kids identify more details in small objects. A camera can also be helpful with this exercise. You might, for example, take pictures of plants or trees that are hard to identify and look them up later.

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4. Memory Games

Memory is one of the most basic and useful functions of the brain. Memory is not fixed and can be developed in people of all ages. Among the best brain activities for kids are those that train the memory . There are many enjoyable games that provide this benefit. Some of these are board games you can purchase, such as Battleship, Sorry and various trivia games. Adult trivia games may be too advanced for younger children. There are, however age appropriate games for kids of all ages. Many card games, such as Concentration, are also very good memory exercises. Enhancing the memory will help kids excel in school and in many other areas of life.

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5. Artistic Activities

Almost all kids enjoy some type of artistic activity, such as drawing, painting or working with clay. Providing children with the necessary supplies to engage in these activities helps them express their creativity . Coloring books, sketch pads, finger paints and play dough are just a few of the props that give kids a chance to develop their artistic skills. Art is not only fun, it helps to develop the creative parts of the brain.


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