3 Great Activites For Rain Days With Toddlers

3 Great Activites For Rain Days With Toddlers

Posted 2015-08-20 by Robert Keithfollow
Nothing puts a damper on the weekend spirit quicker than opening the curtains and seeing a wall of water. While all us parents would love to take advantage and stay in bed all day relaxing, sadly our little ones don’t have the same idea.

So if braving the elements doesn’t sound fun to you, then I’ve put together 3 great activities that you can do inside with your toddlers. They are all fun, easy and I’m sure your kids will love them!

1. Play Tea Party

Our Le Toy Van play kitchen

If you have little girls, then you already know how much they love tea parties. But how about a play tea party to save all of the clean up? Take things a level further and extend the fun by helping your kids ‘bake’ the goodies in their toy kitchen.

Le Toy Van Toys creates a great range of play kitchens & accessories that are perfect for this.

2. Build an indoor camp out

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There is no better way to pass a cold rainy day than in a warm bed. The next best way is to play camping with your little ones.

Simply get a rope and tie it about 5ft above the ground. I have 2 large pillars at each end of the living room that work well, however you could also use chairs, , the top of doors or even window handles.

Then simply hand a white sheet over it, and pin the sides out with something heavy - You’ve now created a indoor tent.

To give your kids a truly authentic experience with some S’mores & spooky ghost story!

3. Cook up a storm

Image From PixaBay

And I don’t mean bringing the rain inside!

Instead grab your toddler and start baking up a delicious feast that you can all enjoy.

My kids love pumpkin soup, homemade bread and choc chip cookies for dessert.

There are plenty of easy recipes around that you can whip up with your little ones in no time!



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