Musical no chairs game

Musical no chairs game

Posted 2014-04-01 by SupahAnniefollow

Musical chairs has been a well known popular party game for many generations. It is still one of the most classic, simple, fun and inclusive game to play with a group of children.

It's a great game that incorporates music, movement and a group game all in one. Kids playing on chairs can cause issues though. In the excitement of the game it's easy to fall off, slip or have a chair leg smack into you. Ouch! Plus you have to use up so much space and time setting up the chairs not to forget each person needs a chair to start off with.

So here's an idea to use something other than chairs. Still the same game and same fun but will be easy to set up, pack away and it is safer.

Ages: 2 years and over.

Indoor or Outdoor: Either outside on some soft grass or inside on a rug or carpet is perfect. It's really up to you.

- cushions, footstools, pillows or foam shapes ,1 per person will be needed at the start.
- music
- a large space with a soft floor area



1) Place the cushions (or whatever you have chosen to use) in a circular shape on the floor space. Make sure other things are out of the way.

2) One person needs to be in charge of playing and pausing the music. They are to pause the music at regular intervals on the sly.

3) Whilst the music is on each player must walk or dance around on the inside or outside of the circle you have created. Once the music stops or is paused each player needs to find a cushion to sit down on straight away. One cushion per person only.

4) As the game goes on the person doing the music needs to start taking away some of the cushions each time.

5) If a player misses out on getting a cushion they are out of the game.

6) The winner will be the last person still in the game at the end.

Aim: To score yourself a seat as quickly as possible when the music stops before the others do. To keep a group of children entertained all at once.

Time: Depends upon how many players, how many seats are taken away etc. You do need a fair amount of time to play this game.

Players: A fairly big group is ideal eg. 6 or more.

Why?: It's fun, fast, hilarious and you can play it whilst dancing to music!

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Additions: A great game to try at your next party. You could even try to use other things as the seats what about pieces of paper, magazines or posters. Beware though these will make the game much more difficult and slippery.

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