How TechSavvy Parents Take Caution with Kiddos Online

How TechSavvy Parents Take Caution with Kiddos Online

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The internet is both the most incredible source of information in the world today, and home to some of the worst threats to our children. With one wrong click or keystroke, their entire lives could be ruined which can then lead to any number of behavioral issues .

Fortunately, there are a ton of options parents have when it comes to ensuring their young ones stay safe while exploring the internet.

Safe Sites

There are two main methods parents can use to keep their child safe when online. The first of these is using websites designed just for your children.

1. Kiddle is a search engine designed just for kids. Even though it looks like a google site, it’s not owned by google, so parents beware. It’s monitored and edited for the first seven results and safe searched for the rest. There’s still a minor chance something may slip through the cracks, so parents should still take caution.

2. ArtGames 2.0
An app for your mobile device, ArtGames 2.0 is a playground with games designed around works of art. It’s an entertaining way to get your children involved with art in a safe environment.

3. BrainPop
An educational site specialized in learning games and animated movies, Brain Pop is another great site designed to let kids have fun while they learn.

Web Monitoring Programs

The second method we can use to take care of our children are the use of monitoring programs.

1. Get some web protection
A solid choice for web security, K9 Web Protection blocks websites, enforces safe searching, and even helps parents institute time restrictions to make sure kids aren’t playing games on the internet during times they’re not allowed, such as when they’re supposed to be doing homework or during dinner.

2. Hear from the experts
PC Mag did a review of parental control utilities and put together a list of the best ones. Listed by feature and price, this is a solid guide to help parents find just the right program for their household.

3. Free e-book
Parenting experts at HelpYourTeenNow put together a great collection of information any resources available in a downloadable ebook. If you’re looking for ideas about what you can do to keep your children safe, this is a great place to look.

Internet is a Privilege, Not a Right

When it comes to keeping our children safe around potential dangers, sometimes the only thing we can do is tell them no. Mobile devices especially take a certain amount of wisdom and experience to be able to manage responsibly.

Despite the dangers, if you’re aware as a parent and help to teach your children responsible web surfing, that along with some of these helpful tools can ensure your family stays safe while on the internet.

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