Australias Innovative Playgrounds

Australias Innovative Playgrounds

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Pod Playground at the National Arboretum

Australia is now leading the way in modern playground design and modern playground safety . There are many wonderful parks and playgrounds that give families the opportunity to relax, unwind, play, and learn together. Safety is the utmost priority in designing and implementing new playgrounds. Parks are incorporating many new sensory aspects to stimulate the mind and encourage creativity. Some prime examples in feats of modern playground design in Australia are the Robelle Domain in the Springfield Central Parklands, Blaxland Riverside Park in Sydney, and The National Arboretum Playground in Canberra.

Blaxland Riverside Park

Ages: All Ages

Indoor or Outdoor: Both


Robelle Domain

Robelle Domain Parklands, Springfield
Robelle Domain Parklands features some of the most fresh and innovative designs for modern playgrounds in the world. The surrounding park contains pedestrian and cycle paths, a stage and amphitheater, a lake and waterfall, pedestrian bridges, custom-designed shelters, and an amazing children's waterpark. The playground itself has Australia's first Icon Galaxy play equipment that actually incorporates electronic gaming into the playground experience. This new outdoor electronic playground equipment allows children to play outside in the fresh air while still enjoying the technology they love. Children can play individually or together on the play equipment that adds electronic games and the internet to the experience. After dark, the playground comes to life even more with glowing, artistic light towers and surround sound audio.

Blaxland Riverside Park

Blaxland Riverside Park, Sydney
Although its picturesque location alongside the Parramatta River requires extra vigilance on the part of parents, Blaxland Riverside Park is said to be one of the best playgrounds in Sydney. It is a unique and very modern playground that includes moving play elements, a multi-level tree house, and the largest outdoor water play facility in the state. It is designed to encourage parents and caregivers to be active in play with their children. The bright colors, diverse range of activities, and challenging equipment make this playground appealing to people of all ages and abilities.

Pod Playground at the National Arboretum

The National Arboretum Playground, Canberra
The new playground at The National Arboretum does not incorporate some of the high-tech elements of new playgrounds, but is nonetheless very modern and unique. Its design was inspired by the Arboretum's 100 forests of rare and endangered trees from around the world. The entire concept is centered on nature and the environment. There are giant acorn cubby houses floating in the sky that are meant to engage the children with the beauty of the trees and create in them a love for the environment and a desire to protect it. The play area consists of many things to stimulate the mind and encourage creativity, many of which are nature-themed. There are kaleidoscopes, slides, ladders, portholes with insects, climbing walls, sliding poles and rope tunnels, rain and hail tubes, and thunder sound panels.

Pod Playground at the National Arboretum

These are only a few of the exciting new playgrounds that can be explored and enjoyed in Australia. Some consist of modern designs that feature high-tech technology and some seek to redefine the traditional ideas of playgrounds, incorporating amazing modern architecture to teach and inspire. All will provide ample opportunities for families to explore, learn, and bond together.

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