Go Fish Card Game

Go Fish Card Game

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Go Fish

Get four cards of the same kind to complete a 'book'. Get the most books and you win!

Basic Rules

You Need

  • One standard deck of playing cards
  • At least two players

  • Choose a dealer

    Take out the Jokers because there are only two of them - cannot make a set of four matching cards

    Game Play

  • The dealer deals seven cards to each player and puts the rest of the cards face down in a pile where all players can reach them

  • Players sort cards into face values - for example put all your 'twos' or 'Kings' together. If you have a 'book' (set of four cards with the same value) lay them in front of you)

  • The person on the left of dealer plays first. They choose someone to ask for a card. They must ask for a card of the same value that they have in their own hand

  • If that person has the card that is asked for, they have to give all of them to the person who asked

  • It is that same player's turn again. If the player gets a 'book' they lay it in front of them.

  • A book four cards of the same kind

  • If the person being asked does not have the requested card - they will answer 'Go Fish'

  • The player who asked for a card, takes a card from the down turned pile, and that persons turn is over

  • Game play carries on in this manner. The person with the most 'books' wins!

  • Strategy
    As play continues try to remember what other players were asking for and whether or not they got the cards. This way you can work out which person to ask for the cards you need to make 'books'

    Learn to Play Go Fish

    A really good video showing How to Play Go Fish from Howcast.com

    Have fun!



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