Christmas Memory Game

Christmas Memory Game

Posted 2013-12-30 by Charliefollow
A fun game that everyone can enjoy! This game is a handy one to have up your sleeve all year round because it is so flexible and can be played with just about any objects you find around the house. Add more objects or cards to the game to increase the game difficulty, or have fewer objects for an easier game. You can also alter the game;s difficulty by the kinds of objects - similar sized or shaped objects with only small differences make for a harder game than very obviously different objects.

For this game, I used old wrapping paper that I had lying, sticky tape, and card to make images for the game because all of these things were easily on hand. But the game is just as easy to set up with playing cards, game pieces, or Christmas objects like baubles and figurines. Hunt around the house for some objects, throw them in a hat, and let the games begin!

Anywhere between 3 and 20 objects or cards - even more for a tougher game.
  • For this game, I used wrapping paper, A4 card, sticky tape, and scissors.

  • Set up

  • Chop out several different images from the wrapping paper.

  • [image1]

  • Cut the card up into smaller squares of card.

  • [image2]

  • Use sticky tape to tape each wrapping paper image onto its own piece of card.

  • [image3]

    How to play

  • Have a game master who doesn't guess at the memory game shuffle the cards or objects and lay them out in front of the other players. Alternately, one player can sit out each round and be in charge of that round's objects.

  • [image4]

  • Give the players 30 seconds to study the objects, trying to remember each one.

  • The player in charge of the objects them asks the players who will guess to close their eyes. That player then removes one of the objects.

  • [image5]

  • While the other players have their eyes closed, the player in charge of the objects then reshuffles or rearranges the remaining objects.

  • [image6]

  • Ask the players to open their eyes once more and study the objects.

  • The first player to guess which object is missing wins the round!

  • [image7 It was the reindeer!]


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