Balloon Bop

Balloon Bop

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is an incredibly simple game that needs absolutely nothing except for a balloon and a few people. It makes a perfect post-party game to play when everyone is getting a little tired of cleaning up, but let's be honest, you'll probably play a bit of balloon bop every time there's a spare balloon lying around the place.

What You'll Need
1 balloon (add more to make the game more difficult)

How to Play

  • The premises is simple. There's one balloon, and you need to stop it from hitting the ground. You can't hold or throw the balloon, so you can only 'bop' it to keep it in the air and away from the floor.

  • You can hit the balloon, kick it, headbutt it, dive for it; really, you can do anything as long as you stop it from touching the ground.

  • Everyone has to work together towards the same goal, so there's a lot of teamwork involved. Sure, there's a bit of friendly competition involved as everyone tries to be the one who 'bops' the balloon, but everyone wins or everyone looses; no one is left on the losing side alone.

  • Every time the balloon touches the ground someone just tosses it in the air to begin a new game. There's no specific time limit on a game, just keep playing until people get bored.

  • If the balloon touches the floor the game is over

  • The game can get more complicated if you add a second or third balloon. With more balloons in circulation it can be harder to make sure all of them stay up in the air.

  • is a great game to play because everyone can get involved. Everyone works together so adults, kids, and even pre-schoolers can all play together without anyone getting left out because the game is 'too-difficult'.

    Balloon Bob is great as an organised party game, especially with younger kids, but it's also a fun bit of improvised fun anytime you have a balloon to spare. Keep in mind that there's always a chance the balloon may pop, this game is best avoided if you've got children who startle easily.


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