Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Posted 2013-12-30 by Charliefollow
For a fun and exciting way to deliver presents, try a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt! Here, use notes containing riddles, directions, or clues to individual presents to go on a chase for an entire sack of goodies.

A secret scavenger hunt can also be a brilliant way to hide Christmas presents from Santa either within the house or outside in order to evade potential Christmas Eve obstacles.


Wrapped presents
Wrapping paper or card
A marker pen
Areas to hide presents that are safe and dry, but easy to get to once given a clue.

Make a scavenger or treasure hunt

  • Technically, a scavenger hunt is when each participant is given a list of items to find, so I guess this is more of a treasure hunt. To make this into a genuine scavenger hunt, give each present hunter a list of clues to the locations of each present, rather than giving a single clue to the next present with each gift.

  • Chop up the wrapping paper or card to make cards to write your clues.

  • [image1]

  • Start with the first clue to present number 1. Write a clue or riddle or direction to the location of present number 1 on a piece of wrapping paper or card. Place this in an obvious location under the tree.

  • [image2]

  • Place the next present in a hidden location. Write a clue to present 2's location on a card and attach the card to present 1, so that when the first present is found the gift hunter can begin searching for the next gift.

  • [image4]

  • When hunting fro clues, open the clue attached to the present and use it to search for the next gift.

  • When setting up the game, hide the next gift in the specified location - but make sure the present is safe and dry! And that no one will be able to find it without the clue before the game begins.

  • [image5]

  • When the present is found, open the clue attached to it to hunt for the next present.

  • [image6]

  • Take a basket or bag with you to put the gifts into as you find them.

  • [image7]

  • Continue searching until all of the players have found each component of their treasure/scavenger hunt.

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