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is a fun hopping game that can be played alone or with multiple players, just about anywhere, from the playground to the backyard. Test your balance against the hopscotch board to see how you do!

Time: 10 plus minutes, depending on the players
Age: 5 and up
Level: Medium


Chalk to draw the hopscotch board (or masking tape)
A small object to toss onto the board and retrieve (ie. a small toy, stone, or coin)
A hard playing surface that you can draw the baord onto

The game:

  • Use an existing board (ie. in a playground) or use the chalk or masking tape to draw the hopscotch board. Number the squares in the order they are to be hopped. One end can also be a rest area, in which players can move however they want to.

  • board. Each numbered box is between 30 and 60 cm tall. dailyjason3.blogspot.com


  • Decide on the order of player turns.

  • One at a time, each player tosses a small object onto the first square (numbered 1) of the hopscotch board.

  • That player then hops out to retrieve the object.

  • various hopscotch board layouts. cantonschools.org

  • Whichever sqaure the object lands in, the player hops to that sqaure, picks up the object, then continues hopping over the board and back to the starting point without using the square in which the object had landed.

  • Hop on a single foot through individual squares, and land one foot in either square on the side by side squares.

  • Another possible layout. theperceptionalist.com

  • Once the player has returned successfully, they toss the object into the second square (numbered 2) and repeat the sequence.

  • If, while hopping through in either direction, the player misses a square, loses balance, or steps on a line, their turn ends.

  • The next player repeats the same sequence, beginning by tossing the object in square 1, until their turn ends and so on.

  • Some more ideas for layouts. amazingacres.org

  • When each player starts their next turn, they begin where they left off in their previous turn (i.e. if a player lost balance while trying to hop through the course while their marker was tossed into sqaure number 3, they begin their next turn by tossing the marker back into square 3 and trying the course again).

  • The first player to finish a complete course for each numbered square wins the game.

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