Family Board Games

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It's always good to have a few board games on hand at home. It means there's always something the kids can play when they get bored or when they have friends round, and board games are a perfect rainy day activity.

Not all boardgames are suitable for kids, but there are some great options available for families and kids of all ages.

What You'll Need:
Spare dice and counters just in case

Boardgames can be lots of fun, but most board games also help kids develop their skills in a range of different areas. Kids can learn the importance of reading and understanding instructions; like the time we assembled the entire Mouse Trap board before realising that we were supposed to do it gradually as we moved around the board.

Any games that involve moving around the board, including super simple games like Trouble , can help kids learn counting; while games like monopoly can be beneficial for older kids and help them learn about budgeting too.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing board games for your kids:

  • Most board games will feature recommended ages and number of players. This makes it a lot easier when you're buying board games for your family. Most games will be aimed at children older than 6. Trouble is one game that is suitable for older kids; younger children may struggle with the rules to some games and small pieces can sometimes be dangerous.

  • Decide who is going to be playing the games. If your kids are likely to be playing by themselves pick games that are easy to figure out. If you're likely to be playing as a family then go for games that everyone can enjoy. Games like Trivial Pursuit Family and games that involve teams like Cranium , Pictionary and Charades are great family games because they incorporate players at different levels.

  • Teams are a great way to include younger kids who can't yet play by themselves. Get them to partner with an older child or with an adult so that they can still be involved.

  • If you've got kids playing games regularly it's a good idea to keep a good supply of spares. Things like dice, counters and timers are all likely to go missing from time to time. Having some spares always means you'll have something on hand when someone notices something is missing. If you're looking for proper spare game pieces, eBay is a great place to look.

  • If you're going travelling you can even stock up on travel versions of many board games. It's a nice way to have some entertainment that doesn't rely on power and is a fun way to spend the night as a family when you're on holiday.

  • Through board games kids learn problem solving, communication, general knowledge, fine motor skills, counting, cooperation, teamwork, and so much more. Kids will have so much fun they won't even realise they're learning.


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