Draw Your Own Comic Books

Draw Your Own Comic Books

Posted 2013-09-19 by Natasha Stewartfollow
Letting kids create their own comic books is a fun way to let them experiment with drawing and writing. They can build up a collection of their own comic books and have something special to look back on when they get older.

What You'll Need:
1 sheet of A4 paper
Lead pencil
Coloured pencils
Comic Books

  • Before you start creating your own, introduce your kids to the wide world of comic books and graphic novels. Keep in mind that comic books aren't just for kids; make sure you choose content appropriate for your kids. Kids can get ideas for their own comic books and learn about different styles.

  • Start with a piece of A4 paper and fold it in half. The front page is for your cover, and the inside pages are for the story.

  • Once they have a title they can design their cover. Here they can write their title and draw a cover image. Encourage kids to use pencils instead of markers or pens; markers and pens are more likely to bleed through onto the opposite side.

  • Comic books can take a bit of planning. It's a good idea to draw panels in advance rather than one at a time. This way kids won't end up with blank spaces all over the page. It's also a good idea if they do a rough plan of their story, although, it's not essential.

  • Once they have their panels drawn it's time for them to create the rest of their comic book. Using things like speech bubbles and sound effects like POW, WHAM, BOOM, and SPLAT are great ways to incorporate common techniques used in comic books. Wikipedia has a great source of comic book terminology .

  • As with anything creative, it's best to let kids come up with their own ideas. Introducing them to comic books is a great way to help them understand the style used in many comic books, but they'll also come up with their own ideas and approach to the format.

  • Drawing comic books is a great way to encourage kids to explore their own creativity. They're not just for superhero obsessed kids, comic books can be based on any themes or interests. Not all kids will be interested, but you could end up uncovering a real passion.


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