Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag

Posted 2013-09-19 by Charliefollow
Capture the flag is a brilliant school camp game, or whenever there is a large group! Run, hide, and use teamwork to capture your team's flag first!

What you need:

2 flags or markers
A large group (at least 5 per team, the more the merrier).
A large area to run around in

The game:

  • Split the group into 2 teams with even players on each.

  • Divide the playing area in half - one half for each team's home territory.


  • Each team places the flag or marker of the opposing team in a visible location within their own territory. The aim of the game is to enter the opposing team's territory, retrieve your team's flag and return it to your own territory.

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  • When in opposing team territory, players can be tagged and sent to jail. They can then be sprung from jail if a member of their own team runs to them and tags them. Players in jail can also hold hands to form a chain that can extend beyond the jail boundary to get closer to their own free team members, making it easier for them to make a jail break (so long as at least one player in the chain has a foot inside the jail boundary). Any player connected to the chain is then freed if any member of the chain is tagged by a free member of their team.

  • Any player freed from jail must first return to their home territory before making another attempt to retrieve their flag.

  • If a player is tagged while holding their team's flag in opposing territory, the player drops the flag where they are standing and goes to jail, potentially leaving the flag closer to their team's home territory.

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  • The first team with a player to retreive their flag and return it to their team's home territory wins the game.

  • Alternately, multiple markers can also be used instead of only one single flag.

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