Build an Indoor Fort

Build an Indoor Fort

Posted 2013-09-14 by Natasha Stewartfollow
Building an indoor fort is something every child needs to do at least once. It's really easy to set one up and all you need are a few pillows and sheets to make a really awesome fort.

[ADVERT]Here are some steps for setting up a great tent-style fort, but you can make one out of anything. Give your kids free reign to design their own masterpiece.

What You'll Need:
Pillows and cushions
A broom
A torch

  • Choose the best place to set up your fort/cubby house. Don't set up right in front of the television or in the middle of the kitchen. Make the fort somewhere the kids can play for hours.

  • Clear the space, and then arrange chairs around the outside of the fort with their backs facing inwards. You can use sofas and arm chairs, or just regular dining chairs. You can really use any furniture, just try and use something that will be easy to put back when you're done.

  • Get the broom, and prop it up against the back chairs. You can use a cushion to help keep it in place and to make the area more comfortable. The broom helps give the fort a bit more height and makes it look a bit more like a tent.

  • Drape a sheet over the chairs and the broom handle. Make sure it doesn't droop too far over the front. Use two other sheets to create door flaps.

  • Cover the floor with cushions and pillows and use scarves or table cloths to make the fort look a little more colourful.

  • Once you've set up the fort it's time to fill it with all of the essentials. Grab some toys, books, and a torch. If the kids are going to be sleeping in the fort get some extra pillows and a quilt.

  • For an even fancier fort you can decorate the inside and outside with fairy lights. It will give it a really magical feel. Just make sure you turn them off when no one is playing with it and when everyone goes to bed; fairy lights can be dangerous if left unattended.

  • If you make your own fort at home share a picture of it in the comments. What are your best tips for building an indoor fort?


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