Virtual Hide and Seek

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A great game for car rides or at the dinner table, virtual hide and seek encourages kids to use their imagination.

Just like its popular namesake, virtual hide and seek involves players in the roles of hider and seeker. To make things interesting, however, the traditional amounts of a single seeker and many hiders are flipped in this game. That means that one player envisions a hiding spot, and the rest of the players must all race to figure out where they are "hiding". They can ask leading questions like: "Are you upstairs or downstairs?" Or: "Are you touching the floor?" The seeker who first guesses the correct hiding spot gets to be the next hider.

Before play, participants should agree on specific guidelines for hiding places. For example: some people play that only places which would work as a real hiding spot where the hider could actually fit can be chosen.

Others play that the size and practicality of spots should be no object, which often leads to more imaginative play, although it often takes longer to narrow down the correct spot.

Generally limits are also put on where you can hide, for example you may only allow hiders to hide in the building you are located as opposed to around the block or anywhere in the world. With some children it needs to be mentioned that hovering, flying, and changing spots mid-play are not allowed!

A nice thing about this game is that it allows players to "hide" in places that would normally be considered terrible hiding spots. For example, hiding on top of a table would cause a player to lose traditional hide and seek very quickly in most cases.

Another fun aspect is that nobody loses! This is a great game for young children who may otherwise be upset by playing competitive games. For older players, extra limitations may be enforced. The number of allowed guesses per seeker could be limited, for example.

This game is a great way to pass the time in a waiting room or on a long bus or train ride. It could also be played over the phone or Skype with children you don't see often but would like to interact with.

House rule ideas are welcome! Let us know how you play virtual hide and seek in the comments!


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