Tips on How to Teach Kids to Play Guitar

Tips on How to Teach Kids to Play Guitar

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Children are naturally interested in music and teaching kids to play guitar can open up a whole new world for them. If you know how to play and do so often, they will likely already interested in learning. If you do not play, beginners lessons are available in a number of places or you can find someone to teach your child.

Most children can begin learning a few chords on the guitar from age 4 to 6; however, it will depend on the child. Choose a guitar that is age appropriate . This includes a guitar that is the right size. A half-size is a good choice for small children. The strings are another consideration. Smaller kids will probably do better with a guitar that only has one or two strings. They can begin by using one chord to play something that they are familiar with and then move on to a guitar with more strings.

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Make it Fun

The important part of guitar lessons for kids is to make it enjoyable. Start with short sessions from ten to fifteen minutes to keep their attention. Kids have shorter attention spans than adults so a few minutes several times a day is better.

Don't Expect Perfection

This goes along with making it fun for the kids to learn. Don't expect them to play flawlessly and don't push them to do so. All this will end up accomplishing is taking away their desire to learn.

Begin with Simple Tunes

Begin with a simple song that your child recognizes and wants to learn to play. This will help them build confidence for when they are ready to move on to more difficult songs. They can sing along as they play and before long it will come naturally.

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Praise Goes a Long Way

Every child wants to hear praise for things they do and learning to play the guitar is no different. Even if they are not getting it at first, make sure and tell them what a great effort they made. When you teach kids to play guitar, they are more open to learning when they receive praise.

Create Games to Help them Learn

Games can help when teaching kids to play guitar. When they learn the first couple of chords, time them changing from the first to the second. Put a minute on a timer and see how many times they can change from one to the other. This can be done several times to see how much they improve.

Take Video

Video the kids while they are learning to play the guitar and after they master a few songs so you can show them how much they have improved. This is also a great memento to keep and add to the family keepsakes.

Advantages of Teaching Kids to Play Guitar

Guitar lessons for kids can be beneficial in several ways. They will learn to memorize the lyrics of the songs they are playing. They will also learn about rhythm and many learn how to read music at the same time. Young children are open to learning and music teaches them to learn musical symbols and recognize them more easily. They can also learn to appreciate many styles of music.

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