The Kids Kingdom

The Kids Kingdom

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Image source, Childs hands by Tailesin.

Hi I'm Adeline& #9825 ;. With this activity I guarantee that the kids will never be bored again! This is a fun and easy way to keep the kids entertained and it only requires a few simple materials. I've tried this activity a lot of times and it is always fun! I hope you have fun trying it out for yourself!
Thanks Ads :)

Age: 3-13 year olds

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor works best but you can also do it outside as well!


- 4 or 5 old towels/sheets
- Rope/wool
- Scissors (watch the kids with these!)
- 4 regular sized chairs
- Pegs and Safety pins.
- a sign saying "Keep Out!"
- Some cushions and kids furniture to decorate!

Image source, Old Church Chairs by Ladyheart.

Cost: Free!


1) Set up the 4 chairs about 2-3 metres away from each other in a square shape. And also make sure the chairs are facing outwards.

2) Place towels all over the chairs, covering the whole area and create a roof. Also have a sheet covering each side acting as a door (for extra privacy).

3) Secure main sheets to chairs with a tightly knotted rope, Just to ensure the sheets will not fall down.

4) To Secure other sheets for privacy use pegs to close out any holes or extra entrances.

5) Pick a side to be an entrance. Leave an opening at the front, so that you will be able to get in and out of your Fort!

Image source

Players: Two or more people

Aim: To make a big, fun and comfortable fort!

Time: It will probably take a while to build, so make sure you don't have anything else that is a priority.

Why?: A fun way to let the kids have a place of their own.

Additions: To ensure that you can keep the fort up and keep using it fort, make it in a playroom or kids bedroom so that it will not be in the way of your daily activities!

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