Make a Fairy Garden

Make a Fairy Garden

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My grandmother used to have a fairy garden at the bottom of her yard. Whenever we'd come round we'd say hello and then rush out the back garden to have a look around. Sometimes the fairies had come and left us presents, but other times we just liked being down there.

A simple fairy garden

[ADVERT]Fairy gardens are a perfect Summer or Spring activity. As well as having fun with younger kids, you'll also get the opportunity to start some new traditions and give them memories they'll never forget.

What you'll need:
Space in your backyard
A fairy house or other fairy trinkets

  • Start by choosing where you want to build your garden. It's great to choose somewhere that's a little bit secluded so that the fairy magic is still a little bit secret. It's even better if you choose somewhere that already has lots of beautiful flowers growing nearby.

  • Pick somewhere with flowers

  • You'll want a path that leads to the fairy garden. Get some old flat stones and wind them towards the hidden garden.

  • You put anything you like in your fairy garden. Trawl second hand stores for little figurines or houses that would be perfect for a little fairy town. You could even keep things really natural and just have flowers and little mushrooms growing in your fairy spot. Rocks and pebbles can be used to make fairy circles, or little fairy tables and chairs. Let your kids have fun as they decide exactly how they want their magical fairy garden to look.

  • An old fairy house picked up at a secondhand shop

  • Once the fairy garden is finished, it's up to your kids to play with it how they like. You can encourage them to leave the fairies little presents from time to time--like bunches of flowers--or just let their imaginations run free as they have fun with their new magical friends. The fairy garden is also a great place to leave small gifts and trinkets for your kids. On their birthdays or at Christmas get them to head down to their fairy garden; they'll love getting special fairy presents.

  • If your kids love the idea of fairies in their own backyard, why not introduce them to Shirley Barber's beautiful fairy books .


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