Guess the noise challenge

Guess the noise challenge

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Ages: 2 years and over.

Indoor or Outdoor: Can be done inside or outside.

- recording device such as phone, tablet, computer etc.
- common things around the house that make well known sounds.
- your mouth

Cost: Free.

What noise can a door make


1) Collect things around the home that make recognisable noises eg. the door bell, the windows, the car door, light switches. For more ideas have a look at my images.

Beep, beep, beep, the food is ready.

2) If you have a recording device record the sound that each thing makes. As you record each sound write down what the item is and the sound it makes, that way you can make sure you don't forget any. If you cannot record the sounds do the sounds with your mouth instead.
3) Next play each sound back to your child/ren. Ask them to guess what item it is based upon the sound it makes. Ask them why it makes that sound and what the thing is used for.
4) Ask them if they have any other ideas on things that make a particular noise. Maybe they could come up with some for you or other children to guess.

Ring, ring, who is that calling

5) Praise their thoughts and ideas. Encourage them to answer open ended questions.

Aim: To enhance children's cognitive abilities, communication and listening skills in a fun way. A great way to start a discussion whenever you are.

Time: Stay with it as long as the child/ren are interested.

Players: Can be done with one or more children.

Why?: Kids will be super excited when they are able to identify a sound with an object. It encourages them to explore their surroundings and to be comfortable in doing so.

Additions: Try doing this the opposite way name a common object and ask the child to do the sound it makes. Perhaps try just showing them a picture of a household item and the child can try to recall what it's called and what sound it makes. Why not do this game with animal noises.

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