Coloured theme days

Coloured theme days

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Brighten up your day in a funky kind of way. Image source, Teenage Sisters Sitting On Floor By stockimages.

Ages: Any age.

Indoor or Outdoor: Both.


- Clothes in the chosen colour
- food that is that colour
- activities to do that relate to that colour
- coloured decorations
Cost: Is up to you, you may be able to use things you already have at home. Mostly it is free!


1) Ask your child to tell you their favourite colour. If there is more than one child allow each child to select the colour for different days. The example I will be using is the colour red.
2) Select a special at home day to have a red (or whatever colour they choose) theme day. Try to arrange red clothing for everyone to wear, foods that are red, activities relating to the colour red, crafts using red, red decorations, red toys etc.

Decorate your home with that colour. Image source, Red balloons By Master isolated images.

So for the colour red here is some ideas I had:
  • wearing a red t-shirt, pants, socks, shoes etc.
  • using red cups, plates, bowls, towels, tablecloth etc
  • decorating with red flowers and red balloons.
  • eating red apples, tomatoes, red capsicum, red jelly. * Drink red cordial or red fanta.
  • putting out red toys to play with like fire engines, Roary the Racing Car, Elmo or Lightening McQueen toys.
  • Planting some cherry tomato seeds into pots.
  • Reading: Little Red Riding Hood or Clifford the Dog books.
  • Acting out the Little Red Riding hood story.
  • Play red light, green light.
  • Sing and dance to the Wiggles, 'Big Red Car' song.

  • 3) Let the kids help you decorate the house and themselves in red.
    4) Take note of the date you did it and don't forget to take lots of photos of all the red. It will look amazing!

    Aim: To have a interesting and fun day with family or friends without leaving the home and without spending a fortune. To do something different to your normal everyday routine.

    Time: You can choose do it for a day, a weekend or even for a week!

    Players: Hopefully everyone in the household will join in, in someway.

    Why?: Its silly and fun and we all need a little bit of that sometimes. It's a unique bonding experience for loved ones to share.

    Additions: Try making it into a party theme and inviting over some friends. Bake a cake with red icing on it. Have a coloured theme day at childcare centres, playgroups and Mother's groups. Give prizes to the best dressed. What about asking everyone joining in to donate money to Red Nose Day!

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    Have you got your own ideas on fun and interesting games and activities to do with children? If so we would love you to apply to write for us! :)


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