Safety tips for a home child daycare business

Safety tips for a home child daycare business

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If you are starting a child daycare business, not only do you have to get your legal necessities arranged, but also set up the daycare space so that is it appropriate for the purpose. To operate a daycare in your home, you will need to have enough space for the number of children you want to watch and you will have to satisfy the safety requirements.
You can never be too careful when children are concerned and even when you think you have covered everything regarding the security in your house, you have probably forgotten something that might prove to be a danger for kids. You will most probably get a comprehensive list of safety requirements while taking care of your license, but here are some room-by-room basics that will help you get a head start.

Living room

• The TV should be mounted on the wall. It should be high up on the wall so the kids cannot reach it, pull it down or try to climb the TV stand.
• If there is a fireplace, it needs to be covered. Get heat-resistant gates; it is best if they can be locked. This will keep the kids safe from the fire, from the charcoal pieces and small rocks that are a choking hazard. Keep fire-stoking tools out of reach.
• Remove all objects that contain glass, like photo frames, vases, figurines. If you have a glass coffee table, change it for a non-glass one or get edge guards.
• Cover all the power strips, hide them behind furniture or get power-strip covers. Keep cables out of reach as well.
• Remove all objects smaller than 2 inches to avoid choking hazards, be it toys, gadget parts or coins.


This is probably the room with the most potential dangers for kids so it is important to pay special attention to childproofing it well .
• Keeping the kitchen off limits for kids is the safest option, by installing a gate or screen.
• Lock the dishwasher; most of them have a lock setting. If not, get an appliance lock.
• Use stove guards, knob covers; use only back burners when kids are around and do not let the pan handles face forward.
• Check if you have a lock on the oven, if not, install an oven latch.
• Keep small appliances like coffee makers and toasters out of reach or towards the rear of the counter, make sure the cords are not sticking out.
• Install a latch on your fridge or at least keep dangerous things on the upper shelves, such as medications, wine bottles, grapes.
• Remove cutlery, keep it in an above-the-counter cabinet, especially knives.
• Protect lower cabinets with a latch or a magnetic lock, or at least keep the kitchen chemicals well out of reach.


• Protect the faucet with rubber spout covers and install an anti-scald device.
• Get a device that keeps the door from closing all the way.
• Wipe up all the puddles after using the bathroom to avoid slipping.
• Keep the toilet seat down, or install a latch even.
• Keep the hair dryer out of reach and unplugged.
• Put all the toiletries and products in a cabinet that can be locked.

Kids’ room and general

• When kids are playing it is best to supervise them at all times and teach them to play safely. Art supplies and toys should be put away after playing.
• Have a safe crib, with fixed sides instead of ones with drop sides.
• Always install guards on windows, especially if they are low, and remove blinds’ cords.
• All furniture should be anchored to the wall or to the floor to avoid tipping over
It is best to educate yourself on the topic, you can do this on various educational sites, like at Upskilled . Childproof the house as much as possible, then check and double-check. They will be safe and you will have a peace of mind.


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