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Talk about a topic challenge

by SupahAnnie (follow)
Hi, I'm a friendly Stay at home Mum with a background in childcare. I love writing, reading and talking! Please view more of my articles through these links: http:/ www.weekendnotes.com.au/profile/300618/ www.mothersgroupmagazine.com, supahannieblog.wordpress.com/ https:/ www.facebook.com/annie.krempin convozine.com/supahannie/ Jenneke.com.au
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Mouth, teeth, talk, talking, child, kid, loose teeth, lips, nose.
Talk your ears off! Image source:morguefile.com

Ages: 3 years and older

Indoor or Outdoor: Can be done indoors or outdoors.

- paper
- pencil or pen
- hat, box or container
- a timer, clock or stopwatch



1) On pieces of scrap paper write down topic ideas that are age appropriate for your children to do a talk about. Encourage them to think of topics as well. Eg. Eating, School, Transport, Toys. List as many as you can think of.

Notepad, note book, list, writing, write, words, paper, ideas, topics
Add fun, interesting and funny topics to the topics box.

2) Fold up each bit of paper and place them all into your box, hat or container.
3) Each player has a turn to shuffle the container and pull out one piece of paper. Whatever topic that is written on that piece of paper is their topic. They need to do an impromptu talk on that topic for a set amount of time, say 2 minutes. Select a set time by taking into consideration the players ages.

Mouth, teeth, talk, talking, child, kid, loose teeth, lips, nose.
Put your hand in if you dare, can you talk about the topic there?.

4) Each player can also take a turn of time keeping.

Phone, mobile, iPhone, screen, clock, time, timing, stop watch
Someone can be the time keeper. This could be a great way to introduce the concept of timing to your child.

5) If a player cannot keep their 'talk' going for the length of time then they need to go again.

Mouth, teeth, talk, talking, child, kid, loose teeth, lips, nose.
What topic did you get? Each go is a surprise!

Aim: A fast paced thinking game that encourages children to think for themselves and to explore and communicate ideas without preparation. Encourages open ended thoughts, self esteem and social expression.

Time: Depends upon the children's ages. Very young children may only need 30 seconds to a minute, whilst pre-schoolers may be able to talk for 2 or more minutes. School aged children could go to even the 5 minute mark.

Players: Two or more players. The game needs an audience.

Why?: It's a challenge and it encourages socialisation skills. Being able to present, do a 'talk' or speak in front of an audience is an important life skill. It's great fun to hear what people come out with or make up with their set time.

Additions: This challenge can be extended by making harder or more specific topics eg. bird species, penguins, seeds. You could also get the other players and any audience members to laugh, pull funny faces and be distracting to the person who is doing their 'talk' to try and put them off. This would be more suited to school aged children.

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