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Secret Reindeer Tag

by Charlotte Jain (follow)
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If you want a sneaky game that lasts a while, secret tag is for you. Begin the game early, then go about the rest of your activities as normal with the game happening throughout - often without even noticing! Secret reindeer tag can last for as long, or as short a time, as you want for a great time that can last for ages.


Wrapping paper with reindeer (or other Christmas images) on it
Sticky tape

The set up

Cut reindeer images (or other Christmas images) from the wrapping paper. Chop out enough so that there are plenty to go around - about 1-2 per player makes for a great game.

Roll some sticky tape on the back of each image so that the outer side is sticky. Have the sticky tape dispenser handy so that players can easily re-tape their images if the tape loses its stick.

Give each player a handful of images, and let the games begin.

The game

The aim of the game is to secretly stick reindeer to the backs of the other players.

The game doesn't really ever have a winner - the point is more to have fun while doing other activities and secretly attaching reindeer to your friends along the way.

During the game, each player tries to stick their reindeer images on the backs of the other players without those players noticing.

If a player notices they have been tagged with a reindeer, they can remove the reindeer images and use those to attach to other players.

The trick of the game is to remove the reindeer from your back and deposit them onto the other players without those players noticing you doing it.

If a player notices another player trying to attach a reindeer to them, the player doing the sticking is busted! And they have to take the reindeer back and try again later.

The best part about this game is that you can go from having no reindeer tags on you, to having reindeer mysteriously appear while you're in the midst of other fun and exciting Christmas activities. Once players become highly skilled at the game, it's as if reindeer materialise from thin air!

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