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Pin the Nose on the Snowman

by Charlotte Jain (follow)
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A Christmas version of the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey. We have a snowman, but there's something missing - its nose! Gather a group of players and take it in turns to put on the blindfold and try to stick a carrot on the snowman to make its nose.


White paper
Orange paper
Sticky tape
A marker pen
A blindfold

Set up

Cut 3 circles from white paper - one big, one medium sized, one smaller to form the 3 parts of the snowman.

Lay the sections of the snowman out on a table or on the floor. Use sticky tape to connect the sections and make the snowman.

Use a marker to draw the snowman's face - eyes, and mouth. And its buttons and arms.

Cut long triangle shapes from the orange paper to work as carrot noses.

Number each carrot nose so that you can tell which belongs to which player.

Pin or stick the completed snowman to a wall.

How to play

Put sticky tape, a pin or blutac onto each carrot nose.

Decide which player will take their turn first and the subsequent order of turns.

To take a turn, the player puts on the blindfold and holds their carrot tail. With the help of the other players, the player spins around 2 or 3 times to become slightly dizzy. That player then does their best to try to pin or stick their carrot nose to the snowman as close to where its nose should be as possible.

Once the carrot nose is stuck to the wall, take off the blindfold and hand it to the next player.

The next player then puts on the blind fold, spins around, and tries to pin their carrot nose to the snowman.

Take turns until all of the players have tried to pin their carrot nose to the snowman.

The player who gets their carrot nose as closest to the location of the snowman's nose wins the round! Fun is the object of the game, rather than winning, so competition doesn't have to be emphasised. Just have fun trying to pin the nose on the snowman!

Unstick the carrot noses and take turns again to play another round.

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