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by Charlotte Jain (follow)
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Marbles is a fun game with countless variations that just about anyone can play! Drag out that old marble collection or find a set at the local toy store, grab some chalk or a piece of string, and get marble-ing!


Chalk (or a piece of string if inside, to mark out the circle boundary)
Large and small marbles
2 plus players

The game:

Draw a circle with chalk on the pavement, or make a circles indoors with the string, or draw a circle in the sand. This will mark out the playing boundary within which the marbles are struck.

Give each player their own distinctive set of marbles so that they know which marbles belong to which player.

Lay these marbles out within the circle boundary, usually in a cross or bunch in the centre.

Give each player their own single larger marble that will be used to hit other player's smaller marbles out of the playing circle.

To decide which player takes their turn first (and the subsequent order of turns), draw a line a distance away from the players. Players then, from the same position, take turns to roll one of their marbles at the line. The player with the closest marble to the line takes first turn, the second closest takes the second turn, and so on.

If a player, on their turn, successfully knocks an opponent's marble out of the playing circle, they get another turn to try to move another opposing marble.

If a player hits an opponent's marble but does not knowck it beyond the game boundary, or misses the marbles altogether, that player's turn ends and the next player takes their turn.

The aim of the game is for each player to flick their larger marble into the other player's smaller marbles to knock those marbles out of the circle boundary. The last player with marbles remaining within the boundary is the winner!

Bombing is when a player drops their marble directly onto another marble.

Taw is the name for the marble that each player is shooting with.

Dubs is when two or more marbles are knocked from the ring with a single shot.

Mibs are the name for the target marbles that are being shot at.

Plunking, skipping or jumpsies is when a shooting marble jumps into the air and lands on the target marble without first hitting the ground.

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