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How To Play UNO

by Charlotte Jain (follow)
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UNO is a fun and easy card game, and can be played with a lot of players or just a couple. Merge two or more UNO decks to expand the game to include even more people.

1 or more UNO card decks

The aim of the game

The aim is to be the first player to use all of the cards in your hand so that you have zero cards.

How to play

Shuffle the UNO cards.

Deal each player 7 cards.

Place the remaining UNO deck, face down, in the middle of a circle of players. Check out your hand to see which cards you have, but don't show the other players.

Each player takes a turn to use one of their cards.

Start the game by turning over the top card in the deck. If the card is a special card (ie. anything other than a plain number card), turn the next card over, and the next, until you flip a number card to begin the game.

A special card! Flip again.

Now we can start.

Which cards can I play?

On their turn, a player can play a card that is either the same colour or the same type (number or special card) as the card that is face up in the middle of the circle.

Here, we played a card of the same colour.

Special cards can also be played, which have actions attached to them. This one is a skip card, which skips the next player's turn so that the player next in the circle cannot play a card.

A skip card

On your turn, you can play a card of the same type to change the colour. Here, we played another 4 to change the colour to blue.

Another special card, the reverse card changes the direction of turns around the circle. If you have been taking turns around the circle in an anticlockwise direction, switch to taking turns in a clockwise direction.

The reverse card

Oh no! My hand has run out of cards that we can play. If you don't have a card of the same colour or type as the one face up in the centre of the circle, draw 1 card from the top of the deck and move onto the next player's turn.

Oh no!

Drawing a card

The wild card is another special card. If you play a wild card, you get to choose which colour can be used.

A wild card

I choose RED.

Switch the colour with a wild card

A 3 is another special card. Play this card to make the next player have to draw 3 cards.

If the next player also has a 3 card, they can place this down and make the following player draw 6. This can continue until a player does not have a 3 card in their hand and must draw the total number of cards.

There is also a 4 card, which does the same as a 3 card.

When you get to only 1 card in your hand, call UNO.


The first player to play all of their cards so they don't have any cards left wins.

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