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Blindfolded Snowman Drawing

by Charlotte Jain (follow)
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Gather everyone in a circle and use your imagination for this drawing game. The aim is to draw a snowman, with each player in the circle drawing a different part of each snowman. But there's a catch - everyone playing is blindfolded!

Do your best to imagine what the snowman in front of you looks like at each stage and try to draw on where you think the next part of the snowman should be. Once all of the parts of the snowman have been drawn onto the paper, take off your blindfolds to reveal a bunch of hilarious, wonky-looking snowpeople!


A4 sheets of card or paper, one for each player
Coloured markers, pencils or crayons. A different colour for each player is works well if possible, but any number of colours will do fine!
Ties, or pieces of cloth, to act as blindfolds, one for each player

How to play

Sit the players in a circle around a table.

Give each player a sheet of paper, a marker, and a blindfold. Lay the paper flat in front of each player and get ready to draw.

Put on the blindfolds.

In the first round, instruct the players to draw 3 circles. One big, one medium, one small, on top of each other. This will form the snowman's body.

Once the circles have been drawn, have each player pass their sheet of paper to the player to their left.

On the sheet they have been passed, instruct the players to draw 3 small circles on the middle circle. These will form the buttons. Then draw arms and hands on the snowman.

If there are a larger number of players than steps, this step can be split in 2. On the first turn, have the players draw the buttons. Then pass each snowman around the table (keeping blindfolds on) and draw the hands on the next turn.

Pass the papers around the circle again.

Draw a face on the snowman.

Pass each sheet of paper to the next person in the circle.

Instruct the players to draw a hat on top of their snowman.

Pass each sheet of paper to the next person in the circle again.

Finally, instruct the players to draw a broom in one hand of the snowman.

Remove the blindfolds to reveal the snowmen that were created!

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