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Be Size Wise Game

by SupahAnnie (follow)
Hi, I'm a friendly Stay at home Mum with a background in childcare. I love writing, reading and talking! Please view more of my articles through these links: http:/ www.weekendnotes.com.au/profile/300618/ www.mothersgroupmagazine.com, supahannieblog.wordpress.com/ https:/ www.facebook.com/annie.krempin convozine.com/supahannie/ Jenneke.com.au
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Big, small, car, cars, toy cars, writing, label, bench, toys

Ages: 3 and up.

Indoor or Outdoor: Either.

Equipment/Resources: Three containers, baskets or boxes. Common items found around the home.

Big, small, car, cars, toy cars, writing, label, bench, toys
Image source: freedigitalphotos.net,'Pink cardboard box isolated on white background' by patpitchaya

Cost: Free.


1) Place a selection of household items into a container. Only place items that you have two of, one being smaller and one being larger of the same thing. Eg. a small toothbrush and a large toothbrush, a small comb and a big comb, small scissors and large scissors, a large remote and a small remote etc. Decide how many items based upon your child's age and development.
2) Set up two other containers one larger than the other. Perhaps label them with the words Big and Small and a picture.

Big, small, car, cars, toy cars, writing, label, bench, toys
Image source:freedigitalphotos.net, 'Opened Empty Box'Stock Photo by, BrandonSigma

3) Ask the child to reach into the container of items you collected and pull one item out. Once they have determined what it is and what it looks like then they search through the container to found the pair to that same item. Eg. they find a comb then they search for another comb in the container.
4) Once they find the other one ask them questions such as; are they the same size, which one is bigger, which one is smaller, what is it and what are they used for?
5) Next ask the child to put the larger of the pair into the big container and the smaller into the smaller container. Can they do it?
6) After a couple of goes see if they can do the process by themselves.

Big, small, car, cars, toy cars, writing, label, bench, toys

Aim: To identify small and large items and the differences between them. To sort everyday items by size.

Time: You will need a fair bit of time to play this one although, that depends upon the age of the child.

Players: One or more players.

Why?: A fun way to help children learn about shapes, size and sorting.

Additions: Try allowing the child to assist in finding items for the game. Perhaps skip the part where you ask them questions about the size and instead ask them which container it belongs to.

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