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5 Hands On Activities To Do With Your Kids

by Robert Keith (follow)
I'm a passionate marketer, health expert & national level athlete with a burning desire to travel.
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Its the modern problem of parenting - How do you get your kids off the iPad and into the real world.

Now I’m not against kids using technology, in fact I’m the furthest from it (Lets face it, technology isn’t going anywhere so its essential they know how to use it), however there needs to be a balance.

In a world that is becoming increasingly tech driven, there is a large shortage of people who have logical skills and ‘common sense’ for real world, hands on applications.

Kids playin
Image from Pixabay

One of the best ways to ensure that your children don’t slide into this bracket is to give them a break once in a while and do some hands on activities with them.

To help you out, here are 5 of the best hands on activities that you can do with your kids...

1. Do modern puzzles

Kids Puzzle
Image from Pixabay

Puzzles don’t need to be the boring, 1,000 piece nightmares they were when we were growing up. In fact, today companies like Djeco are creating ‘build your own’ puzzles where you create the outcome that you're after by using the pieces that you're given.

Think of them as lego meets puzzles. The Djeco ‘tap tap’ puzzles also great because you can build a long with your kid.

2. Play in the cubby house

Nothing beats playing in a cubby. Period. From decorating it and making it your own, right through to sleepouts and tea parties, your kids cubby is their first taste of their own home.

Plus with modern designs your kids can have a carport, slide and even swing set attached, making it the center of their outdoor play. Hide and Seek Cubbies I found have a great range and good prices.

3. Cook their favourite foods

Kids playin
Image from Pixabay

Nothing is more empowering for your kids than learning how to cook their favourite foods. Grab them a mini-apron, a floppy ‘chef’s hat’ and a bowl thats all theirs and let the games begin.

Ease them into it easily by pre-cutting all of the food and helping them mix it, taste it and cook it. Ensure that you are always present to prevent them from getting hurt.

4. Paint Contest

Kids playin
Image from Pixabay

Is your child the next Picasso? Well bust out the easel and paint set and let them get stuck into it.

Of if you’d like to make it even more fun, challenge your kid to a ‘paint off’.

Start by setting the challenge such as painting a lion. Then set a time limit of 10 minutes and go to work. Best of 3 wins.

Not only will your children get satisfaction by beating you (You’ve got to let them win!), but its great bonding time as you compete side by side.

5. Build something

Kids playin
Image from Pixabay

Do your children know how to use a hammer and nail? If not its about time that you taught them how to build things. There are 2 types of projects kids love the most.

Furniture: Kids love to sit in a seat, table or stool and know that they made it with their own two hands. Its a feeling of satisfaction that will stay with them a lifetime.
Toys: Building a wooden toy boat that floats, or a toy plane is a great way to help your son enjoy the beauty of machines. If you have a daughter, try building a small dollhouse for her to play with. Once it's done, stay up late and give it a coat of paint. In the morning she’ll think Santa came.

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